A Work in Progress


Read this review Image Church member Sarah Rudkosky shared on our Facebook page:

“I started coming to Image about 4 years ago. Actually, I was begged by my husband to come and it took months, after he went, for me to finally give in. I had been through extreme pain when it came to churches and I was done with the typical church set up. I sat down and before church even started I looked at my husband and said, "get me out of here!" As soon as I said that this guy named Chris approached us and introduced himself as the Pastor and asked if he could follow up with us the next day. I said sure and was thinking he won't but the next day he followed up with us. Then he continued to follow up with us. As we continued to go to Image and listen to the message and participate in the worship my anger and shell began to fall off and gradually I was handing over my pain to God and I became a work in progress. My heart began to open to the possibilities that God had for our family and for me. Being at Image, I was able to hear God's word, be involved in worship, be loved on by so many people that my small grinch-like heart was able to grow tremendously and I felt like I was home.

I am still a work in progress and you may still be a work in progress, but get involved at Image and you will be amazed at what God will do in your heart through the Word, worship and people that serve! This season I am so grateful for the gift of Image Church and so happy that God brought us to this place of worship!”

We are thankful for the Rudkosky Family and their commitment to being on mission with Image Church. Read more stories from our members HERE.