Impact: the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another, fundamentally altering the nature of impacted. At IMPACT, our weekly worship gathering designed for middle and high school students, we believe the same to be true for students when they meet Jesus Christ. An encounter with Jesus necessarily alters a life in a radical way. We challenge students to come to know and follow Jesus in greater depth and sincerity, resulting in transformed lives committed to the cause of Christ.

Impact meets on Sunday's from 6:00-7:30 P.M.

This 5-week series looks at five different passages that highlight Jesus’ pursuit of those many would label “leftovers” or outcasts. In the series, you’ll discuss characters like Zacchaeus, the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet, a leper, and the thief on the cross. In each of these situations, Jesus often goes out of His way to reach the leftovers of society. His love is extravagant and relentless.

Normally, when we think of eternity, we think of later. Scripture makes the case, however, that we should start living for eternity right now. Don’t wait. Do all you can to obey God and to help others know Him like you know Him. This 4-week series explores these topics, using passages from Ecclesiastes, 1 Peter, 1 Timothy, and others portions of scripture to help students start living for eternity, today. Starts June 25, 2017.





God is a master Storyteller and He wants to create a story with your life. On August 27, we're going to have prizes, food, games, inflatable games, photo booth and more! Invite every middle and high school student you know for this event.