Commitment to Caring

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A portion of this year's One Gift offering will benefit our neighbors at the Prince William Area Free Clinic (PWAFC). Check out this story of a family served by PWAFC and the organization's commitment to caring.

After the company where John had worked for 30 years went out of business, he found himself without a job, an income, and medical insurance. At about the same time, his wife Linda lost the government job where she had worked since age 17, along with her insurance.

John was accustomed to giving help, not asking for it, but he remembered something his father had always told him: “Never let your pride get in the way.” With that in mind, John began searching for a place to get help with his asthma and high blood pressure. He found the Prince William Area Free Clinic online. “This is a good place for people with hardships,” he said.

John was very pleased with the care he received at the clinic and persuaded his wife to come in for a checkup as she had not been feeling well. Linda came to the PWAFC and shared her symptoms and story with her medical provider. Tests were done, and although everything appeared normal, something made her provider go one step further and send Linda to a specialist for further tests. The result: breast cancer, caught at an early stage. Both John and Linda give the Clinic credit for saving her life.

After a year of battling her disease, Linda is now cancer-free. When asked how their lives would be different without the Clinic, John replied, “I probably wouldn’t make it. Stress can kill you. Bills pile up. This is the best thing that happened to me. Here it’s about care. You can feel it.”

Want to make an impact for families in our area? Choose to contribute through One Gift today. Click HERE and designate “One Gift” in the drop down menu.