Serving and Growing

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We had the opportunity to honor Andrew Rudkosky for his service as Media Director during a recent Gathering. He shared the following letter on his experience at Image Church.

“We weren’t sure what it really meant to be a member of a Church, as it makes it sound like a “Country Club” or something, but it is much more than that. At Image Church, we learned what it really meant to give and serve, and our family became involved in many areas of ministry such as worship, media, men’s and women’s group, and I eventually came on staff as the Media Director where my role has become so much more intentional in how I serve and give of my time and talents.

Our children have become more actively involved in the kids/student groups and have learned to love and serve Jesus and grow in the Christian faith. And it has been such a blessing to have my wife sing on the Worship team, and see the impact her talents brings on Sunday mornings as the Church gathers in Worship. Thank you especially to all the elders, staff, leaders and most of all Chris and Krista and their whole family who has not only invested in our family’s life, but have been true friends.”

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