Incredibly Grateful


“Lake Smith invited me to Image 6 years ago. At first, I showed up to the community group that Jeremy led in their home, and I was put at ease with how welcoming and kind everyone was. A few days later, I attended my first Sunday service, and I remember being excited that Pastor Chris was preaching in a way that my new baby believer self could understand. As Lake discipled me, my eyes were opened and I realized my walk with Jesus was just beginning. Like many of you, I was baptized in the good ol’ Image Church horse trough!

Pretty quickly I knew that everyone needed to experience Jesus and I began inviting my family. Now I love being in a building worshiping and serving alongside a bunch of my cousins. How cool is that?! Recently my 12 year old cousin thanked me for inviting her family to Image. A simple invite can have a ripple effect, and it’s so neat to watch and experience it affecting multiple generations in my family.

After years of being here and growing in God’s Word, I’ve had the opportunity to lead a community group that now meets in my home. We encourage and sharpen each other weekly in God’s Word. We laugh, we sometimes cry, we pray for each other, and we speak openly about personal things going on in our lives. We are family and truly love each other.

Lastly, I am also incredibly grateful for Ken Schuenemeyer’s Growth Group on Sunday mornings. His teaching is phenomenal and it sure is growing and stretching me in God’s Word like I never could have imagined. If you haven’t already checked it out, you totally should!

Without serving, growing, and sharing life with our community group, I’d be missing out on so much of what Jesus wants me to be.”

We are thankful for members like Melissa who are on mission and passionate about building the Kingdom. You can help Image Church further our outreach in the community here in Woodbridge and beyond by supporting this year's ONE GIFT OFFERING here.