Five Characteristics of Freedom Hope Church Members

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A portion of funds contributed through One Gift will support the launch of Freedom Hope Church. Pastor Dom Martin and team have built the following five characteristics of a member of Freedom Hope Church.

All of life is worship—from going to work to going to school to doing anything else in life. We want to have an awareness that God’s presence and power are with us in everything that we do, and all that we do, we do to honor Him.

God has always used people to draw people to Himself. Community is important because we need each other. There is nothing more awesome than a community of people alive to God and to one another. We will provide for community through our Freedom Hope Church Groups, where people connect to do life together, study and interact with the sermon, eat, pray, and encourage each other to live out the vision of Freedom Hope Church.

We each have a gift that God wants to unleash in ministry at FHC and on mission in the community. Every Christ-follower is a part of the body of Christ and, therefore, has a place to serve as the healthy hands and feet of Jesus!

We believe that what we do with the time, talent, and treasure (money and resources) that God has given to us is part of discipleship. As disciples of Christ, we give because we realize how much God has given to us. We’re generous because God generously gave us His Son, Jesus! As this truth transforms our heart, we desire to give generously so that others can experience the life change that we’ve experienced.

Through the power of Christ in us, we live an inviting life. Wherever we are, we realize that every human being matters to God, and we look for ways to invite people in our spheres of influence into a relationship with Him.

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