Automate the Important.png

Think about all of the important things that we pay for automatically each month: rent and mortgages... healthcare... phone bills... Netflix... We care about all of these things, and, because of that, many of us set up systems to pay for them without the possibility of getting off track. If it's important, it needs to be automated. Imagine doing this with your tithes and offerings. We want to give you the opportunity to Automate the Important this summer.

We'd like to challenge our entire Church body to Automate the Important by setting up recurring digital giving to Image Church. Through our online system, it's easy to make safe and secure weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly contributions.

Automation shows prioritization. During the summer, we see dips in attendance. People are traveling and replenishing - we want you to do that. But it’s important not to let our faith go on vacation. Sometimes our good intentions to prioritize giving faithfully get forgotten in our busyness. When you automate your giving you help your Church family stay financially strong throughout the summer and to continue to see life change. Your Church is resourced. God is honored. And you're able to know that it's happening whether you're here or not.

Automation beats determination. Making something automatic is more effective than just trying to remember it and make it happen. Maybe you have been determined to start tithing but find that you run out of money before you give to God. Automating your giving is a great way to ensure that you give back to God first. It eliminates the temptation to not give to God. Digital giving helps you be intentional with your generosity.

Join us today by Automating the Important HERE.