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The Church in Action. The hands and feet of Jesus.

Sherry Rickard and her parents Manuel and Betty Gonzalez began worshiping with Image Church just over a year ago. Soon after, the family became members of Image. Sherry plugged into Community Group and led crafts during Vacation Bible School. Her daughter Cristina started attending when she was home from college. Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez joined our Growth Group that meets Sundays before the Gathering.

Earlier this Fall, after struggling with illness, Mr. Gonzalez went home to be with Jesus. We received this note from the family after his passing.

“We wanted to write to thank you for all the love and support that the Church family showed to us in the loss of our husband/dad Manuel Gonzalez. My Dad loved Image and the care, compassion and love shown to us would have made him so proud to be associated with you. We love this Church and each member that makes up the Church family. In our suffering and loss, you stepped in and showed Jesus in every gesture, visit, loving detail, and act of service. We can't thank you enough, but we can praise God for loving us into this Church family.”

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Why I Give
by Sherry Rickard

“Giving started as an act of obedience that morphed into a routine...something my Christian parents modeled as I was growing up and I started doing it when I became an adult. Then, my life changed and times got tough for me. My marriage ended and my title changed to single mom. Finances got extremely tight. So, I gave a little less, but I still gave because I felt I should. God blessed me with another marriage to a man that knew Him personally and intimately. He and I talked about giving and as we grew together in Christ, I finally got it. God asked me to trust Him and took my husband Home almost 7 years ago. I was a single mom again. I finally understood... EVERYTHING. Is. His.

But He doesn’t ask for it all. He just wants me to love Him and in loving Him, acknowledge that. Now, I don’t give out of obedience or routine or because “I’m supposed to.” I give because I love Him and it’s all His and when I give, I’m acknowledging that. In acknowledging that, I am also joining others in combining our God- given resources to do mighty things to and for His Glory!

So....I give because I Love Him!”

During November, we are focusing on three simple words that can have a significant impact for the Kingdom - MAKE – MATURE – MULTIPLY. Each year, we ask the Church to prayerfully consider supporting a special above-and-beyond ONE GIFT offering, in honor of the greatest gift, Jesus. Your contribution this year will directly fuel God’s discipleship work to MAKE – MATURE – MULTIPLY locally and beyond.