A Gospel Engagement is when we take the opportunity to engage with someone for their good and God's glory. We show acts of kindness in order to shine the light of Jesus. These acts/engagements can be as simple as: listening to a co-worker and offering to pray for or with them, helping someone carry their groceries, making dinner for a neighbor, and inviting someone to Church. The hope is that these Gospel Engagements would lead us to share HIS story [Gospel], our story, and for others to come to know Christ as their Savior.

March 17 — April 21
As a Church body, our goal is to be intentional
about Gospel Engagements and for our Congregation to complete
500 by Easter!

Pastor Chris will share more about Gospel Engagements during today’s sermon and we look forward to sharing stories during the coming weeks of how the Holy Spirit is working through our Congregation to reach people for Him.

Each week during the Gathering you will have the opportunity to report in on Gospel Engagements experienced during the week. We will have slips of paper that you can complete recording how many Gospel Engagements you had and any stories you’d like to share. We’re excited to tally them and regularly update our Churchwide counter. Our Impact students will be challenged to be intentional where they work, live, play, study and shop, too, and will be sharing about their Gospel Engagements at Impact on Sunday nights.

Have a story to share today? E-mail us at info@imagechurch.com.